The Magellan-2200 Model 1 is compact, robust and flexible, easy to move and was designed for military field hospitals, general civilian hospitals, office-based anesthesia and surgery centers of every description.

The Magellan-2200 Model 1 is pneumatically powered and may be mounted on a table top or mobile cart.

The Magellan-2200 Model 1 is designed as a simple to operate unit containing all of the modes and necessary components to deliver a basic anesthetic, including a mechanical ventilator and a single agent vaporizer. All of the safety systems required are employed onboard and easy to utilize.

Physiologic monitoring of the operators choice, may be employed as a separate, but necessary device. In standard use, the Magellan-2200 Model 1 may be used with a variety of face masks, endotracheal/tracheostomy tubes and other approved artificial airways that are a standard in any operating theater.


Height 23 inches
Depth 23 inches
Width 17 inches
Free-Standing 45 LBS
Fully Enclosed 100 LBS
Case Material Military Grade Plastic
All other Materials Aluminum, brass and plastic
Operating Temperature Range 35 to 110 degrees, F.
Gas Supply Sources
02 Main and Cylinders
Air and/or Air Compressor
Oxygen Concentrator
38-70 psi (50 psi is optimal)
38-70 psi (50 psi is optimal)
3-10 psi
Flowmeter Fresh Gas Flow 1 to above 20 lpm (each flowmeter)
Oxygen Flush Valve Recessed, self-closing, push button color coded and labeled, provides 45-55 lpm contant. flow while push-button is depressed
CO2 Absorber System King Systems KAB-9, (re-fillable) or KAB-1 (pre-filled/disposable)
C02 Absorber Canister Capacity 400 grams soda-lime
Directional Valves Built-in the CO2 absorber
CO2 Absorber Holding Bracket Plastic, secured with knob to main frame of machine.
Bag-Ventilator Switch/PRV and Scavenger Outlet Port Hand-operated selector switch and rotating knob for PRV and scavenging outlet.
Bellows Latex free, upward inflating, range from
0 to 1.6L
Bellows Pressure Relief Pre-set at 60 cmH20
Common Gas Outlet Size indexed, quick connect
Tubing Circuit King Systems F-360-61 or any standard anesthesia circle circuit
Gas Pressure Hoses DISS/thread indexed, female connectors at both ends
Gas Inlet Manifold DISS/thread indexed, male connectors with one-way valves
Oxygen and Air Supply Gauges 0-3000 PSI reading color coded and
clearly labeled
Gas Inlet Manifold Filters Located behind Manifold Air and O2 inlet male connectors.
Gas Inlet Pressure Regulators
Main Supply Cylinder
Safety back up Cylinder
0-3000 PSI reading color coded and clearly labeled
DISS/thread indexed for O2
Pin indexed, yoke mounted for “D” and “E” cylinders for 02
Oxygen Supply Alarms
Main and Safety back-up Pneumatically actuated when O2 supply falls below 35 psi
Alarm power source 9-volt battery located in body of alarm box
Alarm on/off Labeled toggle switch located on body of alarm box.
Air and O2 Flowmeters Calibrated and scaled 0-10 LPM color coded. O2 flowmeter has a fluted control knob for easy identification by touch
Oxygen Concentrator To power O2 flowmeter only
Air Compressor May be used to power ventilator and air flowmeter
Oxygen Analyzer/Monitor OM-25-ME (or equivalent) Sensor life expectancy 2 years under normal conditions
Oxygen Analyzer Power Source 2 each AA batteries, life expectancy approx. 3000 use hours
Auxillary O2 Flow Selector Scaled 0-10 LPM in set increments, used for pre/post anesthesia
Vaporizer Penlon SigmaDelta Series, bolt (cage) mounted, temperature compensated, very low maintenance
Airway Pressure Gauge Dual scaled in cmH20 and mmHg, located on front panel of ventilator
Pressure Gauge Tubing Attached to bag/vent switch arm
Mechanical Ventilator Pneumatically powered, time cycled, volume constant, pressure variable
Volume Range 0 to 1.6 L
Insp. Flow Range 0 to .90 lps
Insp. Time Range 0.2 to 3.0 seconds
Exp. Time Range 0.2 to 30 seconds
Ventilator Gas Power Requirements 40 to 70 psi, 50 psi optimal
Use toggle switch to select gas source
Waste Gas Scavenger Positive and negative relief valves, 1 L reservoir bag, vacuum control knob
Total Machine Gas Leakage @ 30cm H2O
@ 80cm H2O
Internal System Compliance @ 20cm H2O
@ 40cm H2O
1.1ML/cm H2O
1.3ML/cm H2O
Internal System Resistance @ 1.0L/sec gas flow
@ 0.5L/sec gas flow
4.11cm H2O
1.80cm H2O
APL Valve Pressure Drop @ 3.0L/min gas flow
@ 30L/min gas flow
0.12cm H2O
1.03cm H2O
Indoor + 160 °F Allow unit to warm to room temp.
-30 °F Allow unit to warm to room temp.

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Description NSN
Entire Magellan-2200 Military Anesthesia Machine w/ accessories 6515-01-533-0968
Magellan-2200 Military Anesthesia Machine Case by 6515-01-533-1279
Annual Maintenance Kit 6515-01-533-3323
Resposable Supplies Bundle 6515-01-533-1216
Oxygen Analyzer w/sensor 6515-01-533-1177
Oxygen Analyzer w/sensor 6515-01-533-1177
Oxygen Sensor 6515-01-533-1174
Sevoflurane Vaporizer 6530-01-533-1104
Isoflurane Vaporizer 6530-01-533-1169
Water Trap 6530-01-533-1102
PEEP Valve 6530-01-533-0980
Medical Grade Portable Air Compressor 4310-01-532-9886
Case, Padded for the Air Compressor 4310-01-532-9887
Water Medical Grade Portable Air Compressor and Case for same. 4310-01-532-9881
Manuals, Technical, Operator and Service on Compact Disc. 7610-01-537-5157

Available special order MR version

Magellan-2200 Model 1 Anesthesia Machine
Non-clinical testing demonstrated that this product is MR Conditional and can be used in the MRI environment according to the following conditions:

  • Static magnetic field of 3-Tesla or less
  • Highest spatial gradient magnetic field of 720-Guass/cm or less

Important Note: This product is intended for use inside of the MRI environment (e.g., in the MR system room, close to the scanner0. However, it should not be utilized directly inside of the MR system (e.g., inside of the bore of the scanner), itself.