The Magellan Ventilator is pneumatically powered, single-circuit, volume-constant, time-cycled. It utilizes a high-pressure drive with regulated, high internal resistance to control pressure and is considered a non-constant pressure generator. Simultaneously, the Magellan Ventilator produces a flow pattern that is constant in spite of changes in lung mechanics (inspiratory square-wave).

Originally designed, tested and utilized for military field work, the Magellan Ventilator is able to be used in ly any demanding environment such as In-Hospital Transport, Air-Mobile Operations, Special Treatment Areas, Operating and Recovery Rooms, Animal Laboratories and Veterinary Medicine.

The Magellan Ventilator is designed with internal simplicity for operations and maintenance. Quick connect features allow the operator to provide for all necessary clinical situations: controlled ventilation, continuous-flow intermittent mandatory ventilation, constant positive airway pressure, as well as being adjustable to inspiratory/expiratory ratios that are infinitely variable. A wide-range pressure relief valve allows for both the prevention of barotrauma and time-cycled, pressure-relieved ventilation.

In standard use, the Magellan Ventilator can be used in conjunction with a variety of face masks, cricothyroid tubes, endotracheal and tracheostomy tubes.

Humidifiers and air/oxygen blenders of various types can also be used, as the operator finds necessary.

Below are just a few of the demanding work environments where the Magellan Ventilator gets the job done.
Special Procedures
In-Hospital Transfers
Veterinary Medicine
Animal Labs
Special Scanning Rooms
Recovery Rooms
Disaster Control



Dimensions 8×5.5×5.5 inches
Weight 5.0 LBS
Case Material Aluminum
All other Materials Aluminum, brass and plastic
Gas Inlet Pressure Range 30 to 150 PSI
Tidal Volume Range 0 to 2.0 L
Breaths Per Minute 0 to 60 BPM
Inspiratory Time Range 0.2 to 3.0 seconds
Inspiratory Flow Range 0 to 100 LPM
Pressure Relief Range 0 to 120 CMH20
IMV/CPAP Continuous Flow Range 0 to 60 LPM
PEEP/CPAP Range +1 to +50 CMH20
Internal Compliance 0 CMH20
Air/Oxygen Blenders Any capable of producing from 30 to 60 PSI
Exhalation Valves Oceanic-P/N 15.0 reusable
MRI to 4.7 TESLA
Warrant 5-Year Unconditional Warranty

Federal law restricts this device to be used by or on the order of a physician.